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Posted on January 22, 2011 - by

Interview: AJ talks about his new album, “Biladee”

Yemeni American rapper Hagage “AJ” Masaed talks about his new album, “Biladee”. The tracks are listed below. The video includes samples of some of AJ’s new songs and scenes from Old Sanaa. The songs are courtesy of AJ.

Biladee (A Circle Yemen Production, 2010):

1. Khaleegi Ishreen (Gulf Cup 20), w/ De Ali, Music by DJ Mix & Amigos
2. Biladee, w/ Ayoub Taresh and Haifa Hameed
3. No Terrorists Please, w/ Hussain Muhib
4. Mia Mia, w/De Ali and Haifa Hameed
5. Yemeni Jam, w/Wadi Bana’a Group
6. Danna
7. Move Ya Body
8. Lampadina, w/Teddy Afro and DJ Mix
9. Donaya Nabad (I’m Wanting Peace), w/SO Legion
10. Keep It Hyphy
11. Yemen