The Bohemian and The Bulbul: Journeys in the Middle East (and further east), by Mira Baz

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Baroque pearl (2): The adventures of being a woman in Yemen


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    August 12, 2011


    Kathryn said:

    My father worked in the oil fields in Yemen for over 12 years, becoming quiet close to the Yemeni people and government, and my mother and he lived there as expats for 2 years. I visited Yemen several times, and I think I understand what you mean by the “public Yemen” vs. the “private Yemen”.

    I’m really enjoying your articles! I find them very interesting and relatable. Your writing is very engaging.

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    August 13, 2011


    Mira said:

    Thanks, Kathryn. Great to hear about your parents and your visits to Yemen.

    When was the last time you visited and how was it?

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